Supply Chain Management and Warehousing Solutions.

Managing a supply chain is complex, and your business is unique. Safeway Logistics will design a solution tailored to your needs to show you the way to more efficient logistics solutions.

Our President's Message

We have the ability to keep up with our customers needs and changes.

Are you dealing with a logistics provider that has the ability to customize a program that will benefit your companies objectives now and into the future. How fast can they adapt to changes. We at Safeway Logistics see that the business environement is changing at a faster pace today than weve ever seen in the past.

It is essential that your logistics provider has the ability to stay up with your customers needs so that you can stay in front of your competition. This is why we have invested in state of the art technology to do exactly that. I believe that an organization to succeed in the future must look at new and better ways to deliver solutions in the marketplace.

With our asset based network of 700 domestic agents and 1200 total agents including our international agents, full service facilities, we can meet your needs. Jack Welch once said "If the rate of change outside your organization exceeds the rate inside the end is in sight".


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