Safeway Logistics specializes in the reliable timely distribution of time sensitive shipments to numerous destination points within a particular geographic region. Our flexible model enables us to scale fleet size to adjust to shipment volume fluctuations.

Distribution reduces delivery times and maintains shipment integrity for an overall cost-effective distribution solution.

Manufacturers, distributors, and retail operations are faced with the dilemma of how to lower shipping costs and reduce handling of shipments, and they typically need freight shipped from a single starting point to multiple destinations.

Safeway Logistics solves this dilemma by providing distribution services to help such customers realize significant savings.

With our nationwide coverage throughout the US, Safeway can customize a solution to meet your pool distribution needs.

Need the shipments to be sorted? No problem. Need next-day priority delivery? Consider it done.


Faster, more consistent deliveries – Your shipments arrive at our distribution centers and are delivered the next day.

Lower over-all cost – Local and Regional Distribution is an efficient delivery process that is focused on reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Reduced Claim Potential – Less handling means less damage. Our Distribution services group multiple shipments to minimize time and costs in order to effectively and efficiently make deliveries. This allows you to ship product anywhere in the United States. From start to finish, we oversee the movement of your product to ensure successful on-time delivery.

Let’s discuss how we can improve your service and reduce your transportation costs.

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