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As of this fall, Safeway Logistics has been providing conscientious, detail-driven supply chain management and warehousing solutions for 40 years. I applaud our dedicated executive team, committed salespeople, tireless customer service staff, and talented drivers for helping us reach this milestone. Thank you; you are the Safeway Logistics Family. A family that now includes a network of over 600 warehouses and an ever-growing team of drivers and owner-operators across the nation.

Part of evolving our systems and processes comes from listening to you, our clients. And so, my deepest thanks to you, as well, for being there for us not only as customers but as mentors sharing insights and suggestions that help us to innovate and provide you with the best possible service.

I’m here to tell you that the human touch will always be a core value for Safeway Logistics. We truly care. Our greatest professional joy comes from knowing that you’re leveraging our skills so that you can turn your energy and passion to your own businesses and organizations.

We look forward to reaching the next milestone together.

Ed Hart, President
Safeway Logistics / Safeway Moving Systems, Inc.

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Safeway Logistics has been providing superior service for over 50 years.



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