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Safeway Logistics Specialty Flatbed continues to provide best-in-class specialized flatbed service as with this recent MRI delivery to Indiana. Each special transport begins with intimate product knowledge and an understanding of what is needed. It begins with proper trailer type, unique care and communication. Our decades of experience and thousands of successful deliveries in the medical imaging device market adds confidence with each new move.

This transport required a step-deck with tarps and a driver knowledgeable in product-specific securement. Advance notice to the Cryo-Farm on our selected load date helps assure the piece is ready when necessary to ship to meet the transit for the required delivery date. These magnets are super-cooled and have a limited life of several days off-compressor.

The magnet gantry has its own securement to the special pallet base and the driver secures the pallet only with chains and binders at two points fore and aft. Despite the special wrap the magnet has from its original shipping from overseas, it’s very important the driver take great care when tarping to not damage the foil nor the attached electronic components.

Once loaded, we utilize ELD-based position tracking on a constant and daily basis to inspect progress goals are achieved or exceeded. Our exceptional on-time record allows us to communicate on an exception-only basis with our clients so they can focus on their core product offering and not the distraction of constant updates. The driver contacts the specific rigger at least 24-hrs prior to delivery to confirm schedule, provide specific arrival time, and gather site-specific parking/staging location information.

Upon arrival on site, the driver works with the lead rigger for the logistics of who, when, where, and how, to make the lift of the 30,000 lbs., safely and efficiently. Our drivers often collaborate and assist the riggers due to their experience at previous sites working with the same key factors. Knowing what works (and what doesn’t) can save many man-hours and add an additional layer of safety to the process.

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