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Social media such as blogs, micro blogs, wikis, and social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) are important forms of public communication and self-expression. However, online communications carry certain risks for agents and individuals who choose to participate. Agency staff must observe the following guidelines at all times when communicating online. This policy applies to all van line agents and their employees, representatives and affiliated companies. As used in this policy, the term Safeway Logistics refers to Safeway Moving System, Inc.

1. Do Not Misrepresent. You are responsible for what you say online. Always identify yourself with your real name and use your company name where appropriate. Do not suggest that you are speaking on behalf of Safeway Logistics or that your comments reflect practices, policies or opinions of Safeway Logistics. If the context of your comments could lead some readers to mistakenly believe that they are official Safeway Logistics statements, then clearly indicate that you are not speaking on behalf of Safeway Logistics or its subsidiaries. Do not involve Safeway Logistics or use Safeway Logistics names and marks in matters unrelated to Safeway Logistics business, including your activities as a local business or responses to your own local customers.

2. Show Respect for Others. Be respectful of Safeway Logistics, UniGroup and its subsidiaries, other agents, associates, and our customers. Do not make statements that are false, inflammatory, harmful, fraudulent, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, vulgar, obscene, profane, hateful, racially, or ethnically inappropriate or otherwise objectionable. Remember that anything you write online may be viewed by anyone at any time. Do not make any statement that you wouldn’t want to end up on the front page of your local newspaper. Pause to proofread and consider the appropriateness of your comments before you publish them.

3. Protect Confidential Information. Some information and topics should not be the subject of internet postings. If you have any doubt whether information should be shared, err on the side of not sharing it. In particular:

a. You must hold all private or proprietary information about Safeway Logistics or its related companies in strict confidentiality. Do not disclose any business or personal information relating to Safeway Logistics, related companies, associates and customers, shipments, pricing, bidding, financials, business strategy, development or operations.

b. Federal law specifically prohibits carriers such as the van line agents from disclosing information about any shipment, including: the customers involved, the nature of the goods, their kind and quantity, the origin and destination.

c. Sharing any sort of pricing, bidding or competitive information online could also result in private or governmental investigations into potential antitrust violations.

4. Obey the Rules. You must observe all applicable laws, regulations, terms of use, van line policies, as well as the intellectual property, privacy, and publicity rights of others. You could face serious consequences as a result of your online statements. For example, you may experience costly and embarrassing civil or criminal liability if you defame or harass other people or companies, portray them in a negative false-light, or disclose private facts about them. Only use text, graphics, logos and trademarks that you own or that you have written permission to use. Ask the Safeway Logistics Marketing Communications team before using any materials or logos belonging to Safeway Logistics or its subsidiaries in your online comments and ensure that any such use complies with all applicable van line policies.

5. Ask for Home Office Support. Social media is a valuable form of marketing that allows you to directly engage your market and increase your online presence. Safeway Logistics Marketing Communications manages all social media and online communications about Safeway Logistics, and you are encouraged to also use social media to promote your services. Since the Internet is a public forum, remember that your online communications must respect the privacy of our customers and the confidentiality of Safeway Logistics information. If you have questions about social media, including how to respond to a particular online comment, please contact Safeway Logistics Marketing Communications team at to discuss the best way to approach your situation.

Failure to comply with this policy can result in warnings or potential fines under current policy.

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