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We received a unique request recently: a walking floor trailer. “We’ve enjoyed a long relationship with Safeway Logistics, but this was something completely new for us and we really didn’t know if they could help. We hoped, but we didn’t know.”

Our client needed a walking floor trailer as quickly we could get them one for testing a new initiative: moving large quantities of sawdust. They were running into snags with more local vendors who only had the option to lease long-term or purchase. 

What is a walking floor trailer?

Walking floor trailers have a moving-floor system controlled by hydraulics that makes loading and unloading heavy or unwieldy materials safer and more efficient. Loads are bumped along the trailer bed in a steady retracting motion. Part of the floor remains still during loading and unloading and the slow-and-steady unloading pattern ensures content integrity and safety for the entire fulfillment team. Definitely an impressive and useful piece of equipment, but not something anyone wants to buy outright without some trial runs.

The request came in at 8 AM and we provided photographs, detailed specs, and pricing in under four hours. The job was booked by lunch, and the 53’ open-top walking floor trailer was on-site and in position in two days.

Testimonials mean the world to us

“Thanks for coming through again to deliver on a unique need for our business. The quick response in locating a walking floor trailer allowed our team to proceed in testing a solution to repurpose recycled material between two of our manufacturing facilities. We’d been searching for weeks for short-term trailer options to run this test, but the specifics of our request were unable to be met. You, however, had a solution within hours. Furthermore, you had the trailer positioned in our yard two days later! This was critical to prevent delays in our testing and kept us moving forward. Thanks for always displaying urgency and creativity to support our business. Every time I call, you deliver.”

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