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There’s far more to safety on the road, but keeping in mind how busy everyone is, we hope you find these spring-focused reminders in a quick-tip listicle form helpful.

1. Spring showers: Always ensure your wipers and headlights are in good condition for optimal visibility to keep everyone safe on the road.

2. Hydroplaning hazards: Always look out for hydroplaning hazards but especially during the plentiful showers of spring months.

3. Patience is a virtue: Patience is a virtue—and a lifesaver. Maintain safe speeds and brake gradually.

4. On the lookout: Watch out for pedestrians, cyclists, and animals out there. Drive mindfully and be proactive rather than relying on last-second reflexes.

5. Cold snaps: Be ready for temperature fluctuations—including drastic drops that can cause black ice patches on the roads and in lots.

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