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Safeway Logistics now offers pick-and-pack services for clients across the nation. Here’s a recent case study of how it works:

Safeway Logistics received a substantial quantity of personal protective equipment (PPE) products from a national retailer for a very special and time sensitive project.

Entrusted with $6-8M in assorted retail products that had been sourced by our client during the Covid-19 pandemic, it was our task to keep a running inventory, build out packs to their specifications for each tier, and distribute PPE packs to stores and centers of different sizes across the country. As many as 1,000 stores per day received these deployments via FedEx overnight. Shipments included specialized kits included masks, gloves, toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, electronics, and surface cleaners.

Our client purchased their selected items in bulk, shipped them directly to us, and we fulfilled their individualized pick-and-pack orders by store type and the client-determined-need. This enabled them to keep their teams focused on the work they are meant to do while we handled this unusual task for them.

Having the supplies at-the-ready enabled stores to stay open, or open promptly, according to the laws of each state or county in which they operate. In-store staff knew that the things they needed were coming from corporate via our pick-and-pack service, so they did not need to worry about how they would acquire items that had been famously scarce at the start of the pandemic.

This is just one application of these services. Give us a call to discuss how pick-and-pack can help you run your business more smoothly both in extraordinary and business as usual circumstances.

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