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Safeway has developed a solution to support the largest windows and door manufacturer in the US with an on-demand fleet augmentation solution by leveraging the Safeway fleet of professional Drivers and over 600+ Agents in the U.S.  On multiple occasions, our client has been able to successfully tap into our qualified Driver talent pool wherever they do business with little or no advance notice.

As a leading provider of specialized handling transportation and warehousing, Safeway has been able to provide clients with customized solutions, meeting their ad hoc driver/tractor requests around the US.

The benefits of our solution have included:

  • Short notice and on-demand private fleet support when Drivers or tractors are not available
  • Reduced cost and customer frustration by using other modes of transportation such as shipping direct LTL to cover immediate deliveries.  This strategy was used prior to having the Safeway solution in order to allow time for the private fleet to catch up once the Driver(s) are operational again
  • Safeway providing a Driver that is qualified and knowledgeable in best practices for handling special products.  This has proven to provide a more consistently satisfying customer experience

In addition to the benefits above, there likely are additional time savings for our clients’ management teams in having a single point of contact to resolve any unexpected staffing gaps quickly and efficiently.   Whether they need Drivers for just a few hours or for weeks, Safeway has delivered a value-added solution that has been proven to provide consistency in maintaining efficient operations and customer satisfaction.

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