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A major client approached Safeway with a unique request:

– Arrange a crane to load a modified 20’ display container from a lot onto a flatbed

– Transport container on an air-ride flatbed to a major metro distribution center

– Arrange a crane to offload the container from the flatbed

– Secure a generator to power up the container and open the display

– Inventory the contents and identify reconditioning issues

– Draft an SOP for total display management

– Replicate the setup and teardown for a pending U.S. concert tour

Each service requirement came with challenges that had to be overcome. That’s where the Safeway Logistics team working in unison makes it all happen transparently to the client. From arranging the cranes to navigate both grass and gravel lots, to managing the labor, to having the right power for the container to drafting the SOPs…we make it look easy with a single point of contact.

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