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Transporting artwork requires special handling. So, when award-winning artist Dan Ostermiller needed more than 20 valuable bronze sculptures moved 440 miles from his studio in Loveland, Colorado to the Nedra Matteucci Galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Safeway Logistics Specialty Flatbed got the call.

Ostermiller is well-known for his wildlife-inspired creations. His animal sculptures are currently the focus of the Gardens Gone Wild! exhibit at the Santa Fe Botanical Garden at Museum Hill, on display until May 2019.

The assignment presented Safeway with a few unique challenges. Because of their large size, the sculptures needed a vehicle that offered side and overhead access so they could be carefully loaded and unloaded by crane. Also, the sculptures featured a highly prized patina (or finish) that needed to be protected from the weather.

A Solid Solution for Transporting Artwork.

A Conestoga-equipped flatbed trailer provided the required loading and unloading access and protection from the elements.

“Each piece is unique and had its own logistical implications,” said Matt Leitz, Safeway’s General Manager. “We relied on one of our highly skilled professional drivers who worked with the artist to understand the intricacies of moving each piece.”

Driver Tim Wendt got the assignment. With more than 35 years’ worth of experience under his belt, he knew exactly what was needed to complete the specialty move on time, claim-free and anxiety-free. “It was excellent,” said Tim. “I enjoy transporting these unusual shipments and working with interesting people. The artist and I are cigar aficionados so after the job was completed, we exchanged our favorite cigars.”

The job was booked by Molly Malone, one of Safeway’s many independent sales agents. “Our sales agents have a diverse clientele with an even more diverse portfolio of shipment types,” said Matt. “We work hard to provide customized solutions and are passionate about what we do.”

Molly has been working with the staff and drivers of Safeway Logistics Specialty Flatbed for several decades and with many, many artists.

Safeway Logistics Specialty Flatbed has a long history of safely transporting works of art. “We’ve been providing transportation services to the art community for decades,” noted Matt. “From hauling the Joe Louis “Fist” monument back in the 80’s to the more recent move of a $20 million “Play-Doh” sculpture by Jeff Koons, the Safeway name is synonymous with securely transporting art.”

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